The Beauty Crop Travel Tea Palette (Mediterranean Spring and Moroccan Sun) Review:

The Beauty Crop Travel Tea Palette (Mediterranean Spring and Moroccan Sun) Review:

Hey beauties! I have some new face palettes to share with you straight from The Beauty Crop! Their Travel Tea Face Palettes in Mediterranean Spring and Morroccan Sun ($24.50 each) are the perfect universal palettes for the girl on the go!


Inspired by our favorite holiday spots. This universal face palette is perfect to bronze up your face, add color to the cheeks, and help get your glow on. The palette is complementary on all skin tones. The cream highlighter provides a dewy base. The pearl pressed highlighter can be seamlessly layered on for a glow to last all day. The multi-toned pressed chromatic pearl highlighters amplifies your natural radiance. This palette offers effortless blendability and layering power, it lets you build up your desired look from natural to bronzed goddess.

The holographic palette (mirror included) consists of 8 shades and comes in 4 different finishes-cream, matte, pearl, and chromatic pearl.


Infused with Green Tea Antioxidants, which energizes, refreshes, and improves skin’s radiance. The formula of each palette is lightweight, creamy, has a buttery/velvety smooth texture, super duper pigmented, blendable, buildable, comfortable to wear, applies evenly and easily, and flatters ALL skin tones.

These Travel Tea Palettes are absolutely beautiful. I love them! I am pretty light skinned and I was able to manipulate both palettes to my liking without looking overly done up. I loved how natural the highlighters, blushes, and bronzers came off once everything was blended in. You don’t need to try that hard to achieve the look you are going for. Since it is the summer, I like to enhance the areas just a notch where the sun has kissed my face. You can literally use every shade practically anywhere on the body to create a gorgeous, radiant glow. The bronzers make for great contour shades too. I use the cream highlighters as shadows and apply them to my brow bones and inner corners of the eyes for a bit of shimmer and pop!

Mediterranean Spring

Moroccan Sun

Wear time is an impressive 8 hours before the colors begin to softly fade.

Shop The Beauty Crop now thru July 8th and receive 40% off everything! Including the Travel Tea Palettes. Hmmmm…let’s see if my mathematical skills prove correct. A thought bubble is brewing. Lol. $24.50 x .40=$9.80, now subtract $24.50 from $9.80 and that equals to $14.70. That sounds about right. Right? $14.70 per palette. Which means, (there’s that a-ha moment) you can get both palettes for practically the price of one! That is, if you want the two. No pressure by any means. Maybe a little. Wink!

Stay beautiful, xo.

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Soap Review:

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Soap Review:

Happy July chickadees! I discovered an egg-cellent face wash while I was unearthing the clearance section at TJ Maxx. You may have heard of the K-Beauty brand-Too Cool for School. I don’t know why, but I thought TCS only made cosmetics not skincare. Anyhoodles, I’m loving their Egg Mousse Soap. I found it for $6.00! The actual retail value is $20 for 5.07 fl.oz. I am so egg-cited by this find, and they’re cruelty free! Yay!


Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Soap is a creamy, meringue-like cleanser that combines milk proteins, amino acids, and egg extracts to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Tiny particles are able to go deep into the skin, not only to dissolve oil and dead skin cells, but also to nourish for long-lasting smoothness and hydration. Egg white extract purifies, tightens, and brightens while egg yolk extract moisturizes. Your skin is left thoroughly clean, hydrated, and glowing.

This face wash removes makeup like a champ. The creamy, silky meringue formula is sooooo lightweight, as the rich foam lathers like a shaving cream. Dispense an egg-sized amount into hands, gently massage over the face, and rinse thoroughly. It leaves skin feeling super squeaky clean without the dry, tight feeling, and no residue is left behind. Skin looks and feels supple, soft, hydrated, and radiant.

Me,without face makeup (foundation or concealer) after cleansing with the Egg Mousse, followed by a moisturizer. I think my large pores did shrink a bit, they don’t look as pronounced in photos like they used to. I’m loving the benefits of this cleanser thus far.

Just a note. Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Soap is not suitable for dry skin as its intended to dissolve oil. I would highly recommend this for normal to oily skin types.

I’m going to try and scavenge the clearance aisle at TJ Maxx one more time. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to find another Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Soap for $6.00. Otherwise, I have no problem cracking the ole coin purse open and treating myself to some eggy goodness. YOLO.

You can find Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Soap at Ulta Beauty and

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Bad Habit Beauty Arabesque Eyeshadow Palette Review:

Bad Habit Beauty Arabesque Eyeshadow Palette Review:

Hello my darlings! Bad Habit Beauty has once again swept me off my feet with another one of their Eyeshadow Palettes, and her name is Arabesque ($16 for 13.2g/0.47oz).

The 14 color eyeshadow collection features 9 silky, pigmented mattes and 5 eye-catching shimmers in a range of iridescent, satin, and metallic finishes. Creating sophisticated eye looks that will elevate and uplift your day and night creations.

Avant is a velvety matte beige

En Pointe is an iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect

Tutu is a multi dimensional light gold

Ballet Slippers is a deep matte cinnamon brown

Interlude is a deep matte orange

Releve is a matte mulberry

Melodrama is a matte dark coffee

Satin is a matte pastel peach

Pirouette is a dusty matte lilac

Waltz is a earthy brown matte

Nutcracker is a rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue

Gand Plié is metallic gold bronze

Esmeralda is a hybrid satin metallic warm chocolate brown

Leotards is a deep matte carbon black

I am absolutely head over tippy toes in love with this palette. The shades in this collection are en pointe. Lol. Sorry. Had to put a little ballet humor in there. Humor is what keeps you light on your ballet slippers. Wink!

The finely milled formula is lightweight, has a smooth, creamy texture, comfortable to wear, applies evenly and easily, blendable, buildable, highly pigmented, flatters all skin tones, and sets in three finishes-satin, matte, and metallic.

Just a side note: Nutcracker, Grand Plié, and Esmerelda are a bit more powdery in formula than the other 11 shades. Thus creating extra kickback and fallout when applying. Eyeshadow shields are a must with this trio.

Although pigmented, these are not as intense like most of the palettes I have reviewed and swatched. The Arabesque Palette creates soft, versatile romantic looks with a graceful edge. I do love my brights, but I don’t mind having muted, dusty colors thrown into the mix as well. They are usually my goto’s for night time looks. I love fabricating a good, sensual mysterious eye look. Why not go after earthy, neutral toned shades? They compliment all eye colors beautifully, especially blue. Making them sparkle and pop!

Wear time alone is 7 hours. With a primer, 9 hours.

Fun fact! Did you know BHB Arabesque Palette has followed in the footsteps of her big sister, ABH Soft Glam Palette ($42)?!?! She most certainly did. How’s that for a nutcracker sweet?

Bad Habit Beauty’s Arabesque Palette is now available on the shophush app. Give it a whirl and download it today!

Stay beautiful, xo.

Elf Cosmetics Oil Control Primer Mist Review:

Elf Cosmetics Oil Control Primer Mist Review:

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing Elf Cosmetics Oil Control Primer Mist ($8.00 for 1 fl oz.) and I happen to really like this setting spray. Just putting it out there. This works nicely with Elf’s Oil Control Liquid Lotion ($8.00), and Pore Balm Toner Stick ($6.00). Albeit, I was apprehensive to purchase this product after reading some not so hot reviews. A few of them said it doesn’t work, skin is still super oily, their skin broke out, its a waste of money, etc…. After reading the negative reviews, I sucked it up and bought it anyway, so I can see the pros and cons for myself. What’s $8.00 nowadays? That barely fills the gas tank. Lol!

Luckily, I had no hiccups with skin breakouts or skin becoming more oily. There is however, one glitch that elf needs to fix, which I will get to in a moment.

But first, the product details…

Cut oil and ban shine with this water-based e.l.f. primer mist that preps skin for a smooth, matte finish. Enriched with purified water, cucumber, and vitamins B and E to refresh and hydrate skin. Use before makeup application to help prime skin, after makeup application to set makeup, or throughout the day to refresh!

Vegan and Cruelty Free!!! Yay!

Skin synopsis: slick and oily. Thanks summer!

The Formula:

Sprays on clear


Comfortable to wear



Can be worn alone or over makeup

Suitable for combo/oily skin

Fragrance free

Sets in a matte finish

And here lies the problem-the spray nozzle. It’s God awful Elf. Sorry to be so blunt, but it is. You’ll shoot your eye out kid definitely applies. It does not disperse a fine mist. No matter how far I held the bottle from my face (8 to 10 inches), a jet stream of liquid came shooting right at me, and it hurt! Did I just get assaulted by a setting mist? Lol. I can piece together why it can be considered a waste of money. Product is not being used to its fullest potential.

I did have a travel sized spray bottle lying around, and I transferred the liquid into that. It showers a fine mist on the face, minus the zap. Lol. It takes about one minute for Elf’s Oil Control Primer Mist to fully absorb into the skin.

Wear time was 9 hours. It did leave my skin feeling a little bit dewy around the t-zone, but I didn’t feel the need to re-apply. My skin felt fresh and non-greasy the entire day.

This Oil Control Primer Mist would be the total package for summer if it wasn’t for the nozzle malfunction. Elf, please fix this technical difficulty. You really have something good going on here for the oily skinned types. I know I’m a fan.

If you’d like to try Elf’s Oil Control Primer Mist, it is available at Elf Stores, Target, and

Think you will?

Do tell!

Stay beautiful, xo.

Wet N Wild Goth O Graphic Review:

Wet N Wild Goth O Graphic Review:

Hey babes! Now I know I am a little late (actually a lot late. Lol) to the party reviewing Wet N Wild’s Goth-O-Graphic Spring Collection, but some of my favorites still happen to be available on the Wet n Wild Beauty website and Ulta as well.

Side note: I could not find the Megaglo Loose Highlighting Powder in Moon Tears for the life of me and that was the one I wanted so very badly. I went to every CVS and Walgreens in my neighborhood, and believe me there’s a lot of them, and I could not find one. Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

The Megaliner Metallic Eyeliners weren’t aesthetically pleasing, so I passed on them. They looked kinda cheap, the liner wand seemed flimsy and sparse, and I wasn’t wowed by the choice of colors.

That leaves me with…..

All Four of The Liquid Catsuit Liquid Eyeshadows in shades Goth Tears, Nyctophilia, Pure Intension, and Mystic Dreamer ($4.99 each)

Nyctophilia (vegan) is a purplish black with sparkle.

Goth Tears is a icy blue lavender with sparkle.

Pure Intension is a silvery white gold with sparkle.

Mystic Dreamer is a soft cotton candy pink with sparkle.

I absolutely adore these liquid eyeshadows. The formula is lightweight, creamy, smooth, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, pigmented, blendable, buildable, flattering on all skin tones and set in a duo-chrome finish.

I will say, Nyctophilia is the patchiest out of the four, but the formula is buildable so that can be easily fixed. I love using it as an eyeliner above and below the lash line. The look is very striking, especially with that bit of sparkle glimmering through.

Use either the doe foot wands or your finger tip for precise, pigmented applications.

Wear time is 8 hours before it softly fades and begins to crease a bit.

One Mega Last Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipstick in shade Wicked Pink ($4.99). I wasn’t crazy about the other liquid lipstick colors. They were too dark and morbid for my taste.

Wicked Pink is a cool metallic pink. I think this shade will work best for medium to deep skin tones rather than fair. Although beautiful in color, I felt that it blended in with my fair skin washing me out a bit. A tan will fix that right up. Lol.

The formula is lightweight, creamy, comfortable to wear, applies evenly and easily, blendable, buildable, pigmented, and sets in metallic matte finish.

Wear time is between 6 -8 hours, depending on what you eat and drink.

Both Megaglo Highlighting Powders in shades White Raven and Purple Ashes ($4.99 each).

Oh my lord, WNW highlighting powders are errrythang. What’s not to like about them?

White Raven (vegan) is an icy white highlighter with an iridescent pinky blue shimmer.

Purple Ashes is a beautiful soft shimmering blackish violet. It reminds me of an ultra violet light or black light. It’s a really cool shade. A must have.

The formula is lightweight, has a buttery smooth texture, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, blendable, buildable, sheerly pigmented, flattering on all skin tones, and sets in a pearlized finish.

These two give off a sheer glow, but you can layer on top of them for an added sense of mysticism.

Wear time is 7 hours.

Last but not least. The Megaglo Highlighting Stick in Hell-O Darkness ($6.99).

Oh my. This is another highlighter I fell hard for.

Hell-O Darkness (vegan) is an iridescent icy lavender blue. It’s much like Essence Cosmetics Prismatic Hololighter stick I just reviewed. I love it. I don’t care if I own two alike. I go through highlighters like they’re going out of style anyway. Lol.

The formula is lightweight, creamy with a balmy texture, sheer, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, blendable, somewhat buildable, and sets in a pearlized finish.

You can apply either White Raven or Purple Ashes on top of Hell-O Darkness to intensify the glow.

Wear time is 6 hours.

I don’t know. Wet N Wild’s Goth-O-Graphic Collection didn’t exactly scream goth to me. I felt like it had more of a punk/metal vibe with a pastel twist. It’s too glitz and glam to be goth in my personal opinion. Either way, I’m loving everything I purchased from the collection. A for Effort!

What do you think of this collection?

Hit or miss?

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Essence Cosmetics Prismatic Hololighter Stick Review:

Essence Cosmetics Prismatic Hololighter Stick Review:

Hello beautiful people! I got another Essence Cosmetics product for you! Their Prismatic Hololighter Stick ($5.99 for…), and it just might tickle your unicorn horn.

The Prismatic Hololighter Stick comes in one shade-Be Unique Be a Unicorn. It comes housed in a simple plastic chubby twistable tube with a holographic cap. Nothing special. What makes it special though is the beautiful soft iridescent glow you get out of this tube.

Be Unique Be a Unicorn is a lilac shimmer with an icy blue shift. I don’t exactly consider this Holographic, it’s more of a duo chrome. Nonetheless, the shade looks beautiful on fair to medium skin tones.

(Indoor and outdoor lighting.)

The formula is lightweight, creamy, has a balmy texture, smells like an orange creamsicle (yum!), comfortable to wear, hydrating (perfect for dry skin), applies evenly and easily, blendable, sort of buildable, provides sheer pigmentation, non-sticky, does not streak, and leaves a dewy pearlized finish.

*Just a note. Do not leave this in your bag on a hot day. It will melt like orange scented creamsicles do best.

I do have oily skin and the balmy finish didn’t pronounce the shine. A good setting spray helps. Wink!

For effective applications: Use fingertips or the flat end of a blending sponge in a gentle patting motion to blend out the cream highlighter.

I’m loving the soft radiant glow this highlighter stick gives off. Even though its rather sheer, you can still see the Duo chrome pigments reflecting in the light, and you can apply it anywhere (cheeks, brow bones, lips, Cupid’s bow, décolletage, inner corners of the eyes, legs) without looking cheap or feeling kiddyish. If you want to enhance the bling, You can add a highlighter powder right on top for that extra sparkle and pop!

I used Essence’s Be Kissed by the Moon Eye and Face Palette to shimmer things up a little. I purchased the two together, so why not mix em up? They both range in the pastel color scheme, making the pair fun to work with.

Color payoff alone is 5 hours. Leaving behind a dewy natural finish.

With highlighter powder on top-7 hours, but leaves a soft shimmery dewy finish afterwards.

This is another keeper. I’m totally satisfied with my purchase, and will continue to pick up more shades if created.

Essence Cosmetics Prismatic Holographic Stick is available at Ulta Beauty, and

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Essence Cosmetics Be Kissed By the Moon Eye and Face Palette Review:

Essence Cosmetics Be Kissed By the Moon Eye and Face Palette Review:

Happy June Loves! I don’t know if you know this, but I’m pretty sure you do. Essence Cosmetics has created some cute palettes that are rather affordable, and their Be Kissed by the Moon Eye and Face Palette ($5.99 for…) happens to be one of them. I spotted this at Ulta way at the bottom of the display case, and thought it’d be a fun little palette to play with. Bare with me. I’m putting my scatter brained ramblings that are running through my head on paper. Apparently, I have no filter today. Lol. Now, wouldn’t it make more sense to see this item at the top of the shelf, making it noticeable to the human eye, instead of it collecting dust down below? Okay, I’m glad were on the same page. I’m not going coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. If I wasn’t squatting for nail product I would’ve never noticed this palette. Move the makeup on up Ulta. It’s something to consider. Wink!

Anyway, Essence Be Kissed by the Moon Palette comes with 4 matching (yellow, green, purple, and blue) eyeshadows, one blush and one highlighter.

This is the perfect little palette for anyone who loves a bit shimmer.

Please note. The peachy pink colored blush isn’t exactly a blush. It acts more like a highlighter.

You can apply the eyeshadows as highlighters as well. I’d just watch out for the yellow shade. It has a chunkier sparkle than the rest of the palette.

The formula is finely milled, lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, blendable, buildable, pigmented, has a smooth velvety texture, suitable for all skin types, and sets in a pearlized finish.

You can apply these pastel shades practically anywhere to the face and body to create a soft magical, moonlit glow. I liked applying these on the lips too. You get the look of a Becca Glow Gloss for the fraction of the cost. With my fingertip. I used a bit of rose bud salve and lightly added either one of the shadows (except yellow) or highlighters on top. The mixture doesn’t feel cakey, thick, or sticky. Lips look beautiful and feel luxe.

Wear time is about 6 hours before the shades slowly start to fade into a sheer wash of color.

Essence Be kissed by the Moon Eye and Face Palette is available at Ulta Beauty and

You can take a nice casual stroll to Ulta the next time you’re headed there. No sprinting is required. Lol. It’s a palette that I found to be friendly on the wallet and pretty on the face.

Stay beautiful! Xo.